March 8, 2014

Spring. ALWAYS. Comes.

I don't remember if I ever found myself looking forward to "spring forward".
I looked at it as the time of year that robbed me of an extra hour of sleep which THEN in turn had me looking forward to falling BACK! HA! 
But this morning daybreak came earlier than it has in months. The birds woke me from deep sleep and before I could feel annoyed I smiled.....because I saw the sunshine. 
I have always been giddy about spring's arrival. But for ME? SPRING is bringing a newness of LIFE for me in more ways than ONE. What a winter this has been. 
Spring is not just closing the door on winter for me. It's bringing something NEW. It's bringing LIFE. HOPE. A brand new year. 
To have the sunshine wake me this morning was a refreshing feeling. 
I WELCOME the extra hours of sunshine. Time with my kids. The extra time for LIVING.

 I'm reminded this morning that SPRING. ALWAYS. COMES. If you think things will NEVER change you will never experience the HOPE of spring. But it will change. 
Because seasons are just that. Seasonal. Temporary. Not a permanent resting place. 
So even in the dead of winter. Snuggled beneath the blankets, sitting by the fire wondering if it will ever change!?!?? we have HOPE that the sun will shine again and its warmth will bring new life. Flowers will bloom and birds will sing. Trees will grow new leaves and bring fruit. 
We have this HOPE and it's an anchor for our soul....
His name is Jesus. Even if you're in the cold & dark winter season in your life....spring always comes. Joy ALWAYS comes in the mourning.

Those who sow in tears WILL reap a harvest of joy. Psalms 123
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