March 25, 2014

You Reap What You Sow

I admit. I lost my cool this morning. It was ridiculous really. What was it over? My children losing THEIRS. Flying off the handle. With one another. And with their mom. Some days are a breeze. After a GOOD day where my children "get it" and are walking in love and kindness, peace reigns within these walls and everyone is hugging and laughing I think to myself, "I got this! I can do this!" This morning was one of those mornings where they forgot everything they knew and were running their mouth and acting impulsively. response was no better.
and truthfully? My anger just fueled their fire. And theirs fueled mine.
SOMEONE'S got to be grown up here...and this morning? NO ONE WAS! haha:)

Self control:
"The ability to remain calm and level headed when your child is behaving contrary to EVERYTHING you've worked so hard to TEACH them! .... and use it as a teachable moment and work through it TOGETHER rather than flying off the handle and losing your cool." 
(Not Webster defined. My spin on the word as it applies to my life today!)
What's driving the conversation if your temper has run away with your ability to have a teachable moment? Anger? .... Or an opportunity to extend grace while applying truth.
The more time you spend investing in disciplining your children --- (over the "seemingly" insignificant as well as the significant things) --- the more time you will spend ENJOYING them as they WALK in that TRUTH you've planted in their impressionable souls. It may seem inconvenient to go back and right a wrong. It may SEEM a trivial matter to you at the time when LIFE demands so much of you. But those seeds --- though they may be small -- (planted early on) reap a harvest of righteousness one day as they become the men and women of God they were created to BE.
Discipline is an INVESTMENT that pays back GREAT dividends.

You reap what you SOW. (sow the RIGHT things and you will reap a harvest of RIGHTEOUSNESS)
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