April 8, 2014

A God of MORE than ENOUGH

On paper it doesn't make sense!!!!!!!!!
Raising (and FEEDING ;)) 4 children --- 3 of whom are RAPIDLY growing boys who 
BURN calories sitting STILL. and we have not missed a single bill. (other than careless oversight :p)
I look at my measly 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish.
My jar of oil. My oil that is JUST ENOUGH.
.......and every day He proves Himself over and over again in the provision. I look back over the last year --- and I am in AWE.
How HE CARES for His children.
Makes sure our needs are met.
I look at not just my children. (if they were all I had----I would be RICH and my life would be full.) but also at our home. The blessings we DO have. Not only have we been able to pay the bills, and put food on the table (enough to feed growing young men) but MORE than enough. 

If you need $5 and you have a nickle to spare....then you, my friend are BLESSED with abundance. 
And what's MORE??!?!?!?!?!? Because God is an over the top kind of God.....He's given me ABUNDANCE to bless others. EVERY SINGLE TIME He's spoken to me to give to another person He's not only REPLENISHED the jar of oil (which in my limited flesh and what I can see is JUST ENOUGH) He gave it back with BONUS. Spilling over. Not just financially but
...........with EVERY blessing from His storehouse of GOODNESS.

I am blessed. I am RICH. My life is FULL. My children are well cared for. Peace reigns in our home and we are covered.by our Heavenly Father. KNOWING He's watching over us, I know I have to be anxious for NOTHING. Because tomorrow...when I pour oil from that jar.....there will be enough for me and mine and some left over to give. 
Because that's just how He rolls.
That's MY God 
Do you KNOW Him????!!!!!!!
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