April 8, 2014

For the Sake of our Children

"I am a mess. I am a wrecking ball."--it's a new song by Building 429 "Press On"
My children missed the whole message of the song because they couldn't get past those 2 words without being reminded of Miley Cyrus. 
We had a conversation about how clever the devil is. To deflect our attention away from a GOOD message towards something he's tainted, adulterated, and ruined. Before you think I'm being extreme or overreacting....it's not all fun and games. It's not innocent propaganda. THESE are my children!!! and there is a battle for their souls. Our children are being bombarded on EVERY side. And if we're not "on alert" and *PAYING ATTENTION*! and addressing those things with the TRUTH of God's word then the one who is working over time to steal, kill and destroy will invade our homes one compromised conviction at a time before we don't know what hit us. For your kids' sake---draw lines in the CONCRETE and refuse to deviate from those convictions. No. You cannot always protect your children and their fragile hearts from the things of the world. But you CAN trust that the foundation you are laying provides for them the wisdom to know how to RESPOND. and PRAY. Pray fervently for them that God protects them from those things that would damage the seeds you are planting every day. He DOES and He will.......
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