April 12, 2014

He is the Alpha and Omega and every moment in Between

So often I look at what is going on around me in THIS MOMENT HERE and I am so consumed with the moment that I forget God is ALWAYS UP TO SOMETHING.  
He is a CREATIVE God.  You only have to look at the PERFECTION in creation, in the UNIVERSE, to see HOW SOVEREIGN He is in His methods and process.  
Every single MOMENT of Creation He stepped back and admired His work and said, "Now THAT'S good."  
But imagine if you were present during those moments NOT knowing what was coming next.  Not understanding His reasoning and logic to all that He was doing.
There wouldn't be much sense to it.....UNLESS you knew what was coming next.

God could CALL His work a GOOD work because He knew how it would all unfold.  He knew it would come together in PERFECT fashion according to His GRAND DESIGN.  He knew what was coming NEXT.

You may look at this moment ---- HERE ---- and think it just doesn't make sense.  There is NOTHING Good you can see in the present.
But God----is a CREATIVE God and He is creating something INCREDIBLE with your life.  He is doing things IN you and THROUGH you.....
And it is all part of His GRAND DESIGN unfolding one step at a time.
THAT is why He can look at the work He is doing in YOU and CALL it GOOD.
Because He knows what's coming next.
He sees things you cannot see and knows things you do not know.
And He says, "Now THAT'S Good."  
He is the ALPHA and OMEGA.
And all the moments in between.
In the details.
And He will have the last word.
It's ALL Good.  And the Work of His hands are PERFECT.  TRUST in His creative DESIGN.  It may not make sense today.....but He's got it ALL worked out for YOUR GOOD and His GLORY!
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