April 21, 2014

Lessons from My Garden

Lessons from my garden.
I planted some candytuft this morning.
As I was digging out the plants that just couldn't survive the winter I found the root of a weed that I would cut down year after year.

Only it was much bigger. Stubborn. Strong. Harder to get rid of.

It's been covered with mulch and blanketed with black ground cover.
The problem is.
I never dug it out from the root.
I don't even KNOW where the root is anymore.
It has SNAKED its way through the bed of my flo
wer garden. 
........And I couldn't help but think of the things in my life that DON'T BELONG but over time had TAKEN OVER. 
We can cover it up. Bury it. Pretend it's not there. 
But if not dealt with at the root. If not DESTROYED ---- it will take over without our ever realizing what's taking place beneath the surface.

Everything LOOKS beautiful.
But a little at a time.....LIFE is choked out by the weeds we never really dealt with.

Christ promised us LIFE abundantly. But get rid of the weeds. They don't belong. If we're going to live that abundant life the WAY He meant for us to live it then the weeds have to go. Whether it's sin. unforgiveness. bitterness. anger. resentment.
You can bury it and pretend it's not there but over time it will ROB you of the ability to THRIVE and FLOURISH.

On the surface everything might come out looking like ROSES. But I PROMISE over time ---- your roses can't survive sharing the same ground with weeds that don't belong.

Deal with it at the root before it steals the LIFE right out from under you
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