April 29, 2014

Not Every Hero Wears a Cape

If we approach motherhood with a *sense of entitlement*.....
(after all--- WE'RE doing EVERYone a favor by doing what CAN be one of the most disregarded, thankless and unglamorous jobs) 

......We may be waiting around for a badge or an award that may or may never be presented to us. How quickly we fall from HERO.....to MARTYR

Our job is intentional. Purposeful. We answer to the Father for this responsibility we've been given. Thanks or no thanks. Praise or no Praise. We wear the shoes with Divine RESPONSIBILITY and PURPOSE. TRUE GREATNESS? Doesn't come with a parade. Though who wouldn't love a good party and parade in their honor?!?!? :) 

Jesus' found GREATNESS through SERVANTHOOD. He gave up His throne and found His GREATEST significance lay in His sacrifice. His humility. Through NO pride. No ceremony. NO accolades. He humbled Himself to the point of death.
We die to our flesh every day. No. Not in a "I-feel-a-little-piece-of-me-dies-every-day-these-kids-are-so-draining" kind of death. Being a parent is a JOY. An honor. A privilege. We lay down our own desires. Our dreams. Our passions. Our needs......for the sake of something GREATER. The little one(s) God has given us. To raise them as young men and women who FEAR God and love and serve man. To do that....we DO have to give our LIVES...our entire BEINGS to it. Not as a martyr.
Taking the attitude of servant....in humility.....giving up our RIGHTS and ENTITLEMENTS. Instead of a nuisance, a thorn in our flesh, a JOB, (which robs them of their own SIGNIFICANCE as human beings!)

our children become WELCOMED members of our family in all of their IMPERFECTIONS and NOISE and MESS just as God Himself welcomed YOU....with all of YOUR imperfections and mess. They will find home as their safe haven. A place of GRACE and PURPOSE and SIGNIFICANCE.

 Not every Hero wears a cape. (but if you want to break out your Wonderwoman costume every now and then---that might make things rather interesting :))
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