April 15, 2014

The Company you Keep

The company you keep will be either a positive influence or a negative one persuading you to pursue the things of God or walk away from them.
It's hard to understand why the Israelites FINALLY having the SWEET taste of freedom......would DARE to complain.
The hardships of wilderness living and one roadblock....(albeit a *seemingly * insurmountable roadblock) and they are ready to pack it up and go back to the familiar pain and suffering and strongholds and bondages of Egypt.
In Numbers 11 the people begin to complain and only 4 verses later the (others that were with them) suddenly began to miss the "COMFORTS"? of Egypt. No longer was it a place of slavery, oppression and bondage. (Don't forget.....the Egyptians wore them down SPIRIT SOUL AND BODY with their brutal forced labor) but after hearing and entertaining the complaints and whining of the other Israelites they were ready to pack it up, give it up.....and head back.
My friend.....

There is nothing GOOD for you in Egypt.
But when we begin to entertain and even engage in negative conversation. Associate with those who have little faith. We begin to think like them. Believe like them. And perhaps even be PERSUADED to go in a direction we were never meant to go.
Oh the influence of community.
Choose your friends wisely. Surround yourselves with those who speak the Truth. Those with Great Faith. Those who PASSIONATELY PURSUE the things of God EVEN WHEN LIFE GETS TOUGH. because when you begin flagging in the faith .... you will find strength in numbers and be led into Truth instead of being deceived. Negativity has no place in your life. Keep pursuing the things of God...it's in the hard places you will find your faith is forged in the fire and one day instead of doing the easy thing and heading back to Egypt you'll find yourself standing in the middle of EVERYTHING God promised you!!!!
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