May 14, 2014

For the JOY set before Him

"Who for the JOY set before Him......endured."
Joy can be elusive in the darkness.
When you can't seem to find Him.
Jesus cried "my GOD! Why have you forsaken me?!"
Jesus knew His purpose. Jesus knew what lay ahead for the heart that holds on. The work would be completed, the enemy would be defeated and Jesus would find His place at the right hand of the Father. 
His joy was in front of Him...not in His suffering.
Joy is not an emotion or some naive pie in the sky notion that everything in this moment is as it should be.
Joy is knowing there is a purpose to this moment here and Joy is the moment in front of us knowing that when the dust settles we WILL find ourselves standing with both feet smack dab in the center of all we've been fighting for and all we've been promised.
The joy in front of us breathes HOPE into our spirits.
We can endure the struggles and the heartache, find our way through the darkness because there is a joy that waits for those who hold on.
Don't give up before the dawn.

Celebration not only comes in the deliverance but it comes when you're willing to see God at work even in the darkness.
Make no mistake, friends. God is always at work.
And when you can find Him in the middle of your mess and for the JOY set in front of you endure whatever you might be facing then you can rejoice in even THIS because you know the HOPE of knowing He WILL bring you out.
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