May 8, 2014

Taking a Time OUT

It *GRIEVES* my heart to tears to see my children walk in disobedience. To walk in something I KNOW is going to ultimately rob from them peace, joy, and blessings.
But to sit....with one of mine.To take a TIME OUT.....
Talk to them eye to eye.
Cry with them.
Take them to the Word and SEE their heart turn!!! HARD as it is to walk that out with them....
To see the LIFE come from it.  The healing.
Not just in their repentance but in our relationship.
They've grown a bit in their faith.....
And I have no greater joy to watch them live it out. 
It's so hard when life is so busy to take the little things seriously enough to deal with them.
But it IS a serious matter.
Because they are heart issues.....and unless you're paying attention and taking them to the Word of God ---- those Seemingly small issues will take root and over time.....take over.
These heart to heart conversations are exhausting. Emotionally and mentally.  Especially in the teenage years..... (Heaven help me)
Thank God for the Holy Spirit ... to lead ME as I lead THEM into the Truth of God's word. I wouldn't want to parent without Him......
And one day I will see them walk in truth and truly there is no greater joy than that.
I can understand the heart of my heavenly Father when I feel the heartbreak over disobedience and my heart rejoice when I watch one of mine walking in Truth.  But they won't know the Truth unless we've taken the time to teach it to them.......
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