June 11, 2014

Embracing Change and Seeing GOODNESS

This family has seen aLOT of change. Drastic changes. Some?....very hard.
I am learning to bend.
I am learning to respond to it all with grace.
I'm learning to hold on to the things of the world loosely and hold onto God with everything I am.
I have learned the key to moving with God is to "reach forward." And to answer the question over and over again...."Do I TRUST Him with [this]---next thing?"
The answer is "yes". Without hesitation.
How could I not?
He's proven himself over and over again to me and mine.
When we learned our school was closing its doors my heart broke.
Not only was it more change but they were family.
When GOD DOES A THING..............
when GOD does a thing --- a thorough work He does.
He's into every detail. Every step is marked with favor. Grace. Evidence that God orders my way.
I admit I panicked at first.
Where will they go? What will I do?
I knew I couldn't move forward until I heard from God.
But I heard nothing. 
So I waited.
when God spoke? The windows of heaven flew open and divine favor has followed every step.
It fell together in a way that I couldn't have manufactured or made happen on my own.
Only God.
He's not forsaken me for ONE moment.
raising these kids of mine, making such big decisions......such an incredible responsibility. 

Just as I want to collapse and cry out, "I never wanted to do this alone!!!!" I hear Him whisper...... "I never meant for you to do this alone."

I'm so excited for change.
What's ahead.
Because when GOD DOES A THING......it's *ALL* good.
Because in the end we know that all things work together for the good of those who love God: those who are called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28
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