June 16, 2014

My Unbelief and RECKLESS disregard for the CHARACTER of God

Our unbelief is nothing more than our refusal to TRUST in Gd's absolute SOVEREIGNTY.  
We REACT and RESPOND to circumstances impulsively.  Led by emotion and influenced by those around us and don't realize that ultimately?  

It's a RECKLESS DISREGARD for the CHARACTER of God.......

If God is WHO He said He is, and MEANS what He says.....then our response to TRUST Him regardless is our willingness to put the outcome in the hands of the One who sees things we cannot see.  
The One who can look up ahead and know what needs to be done in order to get us to where we need to be.  Who can take into account the intent of our hearts....the things unseen AND seen and be able to manufacture all of the details in a way that we in our limited understanding could NEVER do with such perfection. 
It all comes down to ONE QUESTION.  
Do you TRUST Him?  
God told Moses to SPEAK to the rock---and the ENTIRE community of Israelites would have water enough to sustain them.  
Instead of TRUSTING Good that He had a REASON for wanting him to do it THAT way...in ONE impulsive moment he struck the rock and with that ONE act of rebellion he had to surrender his ticket into the Promised land.
It wasn't about the rock.
It was about Moses' intentions.  
It was that Moses being led by emotions was showing a RECKLESS DISREGARD for the CHARACTER OF GOD.God is SOVEREIGN. 
Don't dismiss the promptings of the Holy Spirit or the word of God as just a "good idea".
It's not an option. 

When God speaks a thing to you its with GOOD REASON. it's for a purpose.
He knows where YOUR choice and "better ideas" will lead you and what they will cost you.
He knows things you don't know.
He sees things you can't see and has only GOOD intentions for you. 
.....and you would do well to take Him at His word.

Refuse to be persuaded by opinions, people, and circumstances.  Just TRUST and OBEY and watch God work on your behalf.  
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