June 16, 2014

Splinters and Getting rid of those things that Don't Belong

My daughter got a very deep and impossible splinter over the weekend.
We couldn't do anything about it. As much as I tried....I couldn't get to it. She begged me to leave it in there. (trying to convince me it would heal on its own.)
Before long---I'm sure you guessed it---it was swollen, red, and hurt to stand on. Since it was Sunday there was nothing I could really do for her other than treat the symptoms. We soaked her foot in a baking soda paste, Ibuprofen....whatever I could think of that would reduce inflammation and try to coax the foreign object out of her foot. It didn't belong there. Her body was fighting against it. But the longer we left it there----the more miserable she was.

Today we finally made the trip to the Dr. I was hesitant. Did we REALLY need a Dr? Would it have come out on its own? Would it have healed itself? The Dr. confirmed that it was infected and whatEVER it was in her foot...it needed to come out. we were going to wait it out and give her antibiotics. As she started the clean the wound she started to cut away the part of the skin that had started to form a scab and as she pulled it away a half-inch piece of wood came out of her foot.
I don't need to tell you.....she's feeling MUCH better tonight  and I feel relieved.
But I got to thinking.....
about the things we harbor in our hearts that just DON'T belong.
Unconfessed sin.

If we are children of the day (2 Corinthians 6:14) and keep those things hidden and refuse to deal with them we will only be MISERABLE until we're wiling to do what we need to do to be RID of those things that just don't belong.

That just might require being vulnerable enough to admit it's there and being willing to ask for help. It all HAS to go. We can't cover it up and HOPE those things heal over. Unless it goes? We will never be truly free.......
(of course---I had to flip it all into a life lesson.  the SPLINTER?!?!!? it had to GO...I couldn't listen to her complain any more!!!!! ;))
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