June 17, 2014

Mother Goose and being a mama

You don't have to remind Mother Goose to protect what's hers.
She does it naturally.
She guards them with a watchful eye, and does as much as she can to protect them from harm.  It's what she does.  For as long as those babies need her....she's on duty.

I wanted to check out. 
I didn't WANT to be a mama. 
I was tired. 
Emotionally. Mentally. Physically.
I denied myself the satisfaction of a meltdown. And realized I can't afford to clock out.
If God called me to this then He certainly doesn't expect me to do it in my own strength.
                I never wanted to do this alone. 
                  This isn't what I signed up for.

And as I breathe those words I am refusing the Grace of God. Denying His sovereignty. And seeing this moment here as nothing more than a hand I've been dealt and I'm stuck with the cards. Play em or fold em.

I envy Mother Goose.
she can be a mama without the emotional rollercosters. Her worries are minimal compared to what it is to raise 4 children in today's world.  

This is when I am desperate for God-perspective. To see things from His vantage point. From the One who is bringing it all to one glorious moment when He perfects ALL that concerns me.
Four of those concerns....are my children.

There is no sphere of influence MORE significant than the one within your own walls with your own people.

*I* am these childrens' mama.
God has entrusted them to ME. There is a very real battle for their souls. Our children are being bombarded on EVERY side. And if we're not "on alert" and *PAYING ATTENTION*! and addressing those things with the TRUTH of God's word then the one who is working over time to steal, kill and destroy will invade our homes one compromised conviction at a time before we don't know what hit us.

 For your kids' sake---draw lines in the CONCRETE and refuse to deviate from those convictions. And stay on the clock.
if God called you to such a great thing.....will He not give you the Grace to be your kids' mama? 

Your kids don't need a SuperMom.  They need a mom who depends on a SUPER God.

What you accomplish for God beyond your home 
pales in comparison to what you accomplish 
with God in your home." - Ken Blount

No. You cannot always protect your children and their fragile hearts from the things of the world. But you CAN trust that the foundation you are laying provides for them the wisdom to know how to RESPOND. and PRAY. Pray fervently for them that God protects them from those things that would damage the seeds you are planting every day. He DOES and He will.......

Your greatest contribution to the kingdom of God 
may not be something you DO
 but someone you RAISE. Andy Stanley

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