July 29, 2014

Because Joy comes in the Mourning BEFORE the Morning

We wait for dawn. We wait for change.  And for this moment we will endure. We will tolerate this dark place until day breaks and THEN joy will come.....
SOME of us stop moving and cease to exist.
Because for some? We endure with passive acquiescence.
Surrender to this moment and lose hope that morning will EVER come.
Perhaps we've missed it.

What if Joy is not as elusive as some may believe.
Maybe joy is found HERE.
In the mess.
In the pain.
In the struggles.
In the tragedy.
Because here in this moment? God IS.
He doesn't cease to stop working in the middle of our most difficult circumstances.  No, friends, He is MORE present, more involved, making a way....
Miracles have a way of riding in to save the day. And the art of CELEBRATION is seeing Him in the darkness---before the dawn. Seeing Him at work before you see your miracle.  Evidence that He has not forsaken you. He. Is. There.
And where God is? There is peace. There is joy. There is GOODNESS.  We can choose surrender to the suffering or we can choose to rejoice in the midst of suffering believing our God is greater than whatever it is we are facing.
Joy is a CONSTANT.
Joy is a CHOICE.
Joy comes in the mourning BEFORE the morning.
why wait for daybreak:) celebrate TODAY.
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