July 12, 2014

I am ENOUGH because He did MORE than enough

Feeling unworthy.


Somehow feeling that everyONE else was entitled to more GRACE but I had used up my allotment and was a DISgrace.

I have disappointed Him so many times I imagine He TOLERATES me at best....but to enthusiastically welcome me with open arms?
That's for the woman who has her act together, her home in order, one who embodies grace, one who doesn't have any "red on her ledger".

Then almost as if I had said all of these things to Him, He responded with these words:
"Haven't I done ENOUGH? what MORE can I POSSIBLY do to SHOW you?" 

I felt ungrateful.
"ENOUGH?  What you've done is MORE than enough."

He pursued ME.  Heaven....came near to ME.
Before I ever knew of Him.
After all He went through to settle my account.
It was MORE than enough....so that what I had to offer WAS enough.
.........and I have refused His grace.
I have refused His hand.

I remembered Jesus' words to the woman at the well, "If you only knew....."
If she only knew who He was and what He had to offer....

everything else would fall so SHORT of what He could give.  

All I have to offer isn't enough but what He offered me was SO MUCH that I would never ever be found lacking.  What He offers is ADEQUATE.  SUFFICIENT. 
All He had to give was all He *COULD* give.
He accomplished it all *there* on that cross.  
All He asks is that I come just as I am. 
His GRACE will match what I have to offer and ---all at once--- I. AM. ENOUGH.

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