July 11, 2014

Pick a Conviction and COMMIT

Pick a conviction and commit!!!

I am sure that I am guilty of faithless decisions on occasion but this I have learned.
Be spirit led.

Make your decisions with FAITH.
Hear from God and STICK TO IT.

wishy washy- double minded- inconsistent living and believing God CANNOT honor.
If we ask for wisdom He is faithful to give it. James 1:5
..........and just. a. few. verses. later.....it says
A double minded, hesitant, irresolute man is unstable and unreliable and uncertain about everything he thinks, feels, decides. James 1:8
How many people do YOU know who's convictions and opinions change with the status quo or whomever they might be speaking to at the moment?
If God is faithful to speak, and we are willing to LISTEN, and His ways are JUST and RIGHT....then we would do well to PICK a conviction and COMMIT. Make your decisions with FAITH and STICK to them.....
a decision made with FAITH is one God can DO something WITH!
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