July 23, 2014

To Have a Friend }{ BE a Friend

"To have a friend ya gotta show yourself friendly."

I've said it so often to my children I might as well frame it and hang it so they can see it on their way out the door. :p
Words of wisdom not just for the short people but for the young and old alike and everyone in between. The goodness of God is contagious. Be confident in WHO God made you to be. Sometimes you got to be the one that takes that first step. If you're sitting in the corner waiting for a friend to come and ask you to play in the sandbox you may be waiting a very long time

GIVING of yourSELF and your TIME will *ALWAYS* pay back GREAT dividends. You may never know HOW or WHY or WHAT God is doing that we can see beyond the immediate. After all...it's not about US anyway. It's about HIM reaching others through US. People need people. We weren't meant to live a lonely and isolated existence. But sometimes you gotta be the one who's willing to cross that bridge and BE the friend that someone ELSE needs.
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