August 28, 2014

Before you were a mom......

Somewhere ....buried under all the titles you have accumulated..... "mom", "wife", "friend" something that defines you even more than the positions you hold. Underneath it your identity. Your gifts, passions, talents, personality and purpose. It was all woven into your DNA before you were born. 

Before you were a mom, a sister, a wife...... you belonged to God.
  When you stand before Him one won't be as a mom or a wife. It will be YOU. As He created you. The way He made you. Just as you are. Sometimes buried under life we forget who we are, who we belong to and what we are made of. If we can keep sight of that?
 Then who we ARE will overflow into all the God given roles we have here on earth and we will do them in a way that only we can!
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