August 29, 2014

God Can only Heal What You're willing to Expose

God can only heal what you're willing to expose.

Whatever lies dormant in the darkness: hidden from fear of vulnerability, consequences, what might people think, fear of how much it will hurt (because it's just easier to bury it and forget it. or so we TELL ourselves),
I have YET to meet someone who ENJOYS the process.
ALL of my children would rather leave a splinter alone or leave a cut to infection than to face the pain of cleaning it out.
The fear of how much it will hurt.
The realization of how much it hurts NOW.
We get USED to the pain.
We treat the symptoms.
We cover it up.
But if we're willing.....
we will realize LIGHT heals things.
What's left buried is left in fertile ground----what ever it is that is broken, hurting and needing to heal is only going to become a deeper, greater wound and infect what's healthy around it.
                                       Transparency. Authenticity. Honesty.
                                    It's all fertile ground for everything GOOD.
He can't heal what we're not willing to expose.
The process is well worth the freedom and healing that is found on the other side.
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