August 9, 2014

See the GOOD

trending on social media, twitter, facebook and news:
wars, ebola outbreak, deaths, natural disasters, planes shot down, babies being left in vehicles, divorce, hate, prejudice, murders, sex trafficking.

....... (the list is endless/ the evil is real)
But here is what I see:
God at work in the midst of grave darkness, billions of people continue to live, thousands of flights take off and land safely, homeless and needy people being clothed and fed, babies being born, marriages and relationships reconciled, people being rescued every day, science is inventing new drugs and cures for illness, good overcoming evil, compassion overcoming hate, God is still healing and doing miracles today, people are still working together to change the world, prayer is still moving heaven on our behalf to intervene in the most desperate of situations, people are continuing to turn their hearts to God and come to know Christ. 

............(the list is endless and MY GOD IS REAL)
#godisgreater #perspective #seethegood #heisourhope
See the GOOD and be a LIGHT shining in the DARKNESS.

"When the stock market is down or when your morale is sinking or your assets are shrinking or your health is collapsing, you may anything going up? Yes. The chance to trust God when trusting isn't easy is wide open. The prospect for modeling hope for a hope needy world is trending upward. The possibility for cultivating a storm proof Faith is always going up. This is so because certain Truths remain unchanged. God remains Sovereign, Grace beats sin, prayers get heard, the Bible endures, heavens mercies spring up new every morning, the cross still testifies to the power of sacrificial love, the tomb is still empty, and the kingdom that Jesus announced is still expanding without needing to be bailed out by human efforts! God is still in the business of redemption. Specializing in bringing something very good out of something very bad." - John Ortberg
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