August 18, 2014

Watch Your Mouth!

It's not hard to tell when someone is from the deep south. People can make a pretty good educated guess where you're from by the way you talk and even the way you cook. "It's a SOUTHERN thing ya'll."

But do people know your citizenship is from a Heavenly place?
Does your conversation line up with someone who belongs to the Kingdom of God? 

If we really are a child of the King our words *SHOULD* be full of faith, seasoned with GRACE, be spoken with patience and purpose, be fueled by love!
....our words would be productive and not destructive. (ouch)
When we open our mouths to speak our words should be such that we could move mountains and see Heaven move earth on our behalf.

Instead often our words are influenced by the constant input of all that's around us and all that we fill our minds with.
A constant barrage of hate, judgement, fear, discouragement, defeat and impatience. 

If we SPOKE the language of HEAVEN not only would people KNOW it but we could CHANGE the very atmosphere with the words we choose.
                                                SPEAK LIFE!
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