August 24, 2014

When Life Interrupts Your Plans

Life has a way of doing that.....interrupting your plans.
                            As if the universe has made a BIG announcement ---- "we're going to do things a little differently now."  And there is NOTHING you can do about it.

First let me perfectly clear...we are not innocent bystanders and victims of circumstance.  When we view life from that perspective we will always be bitter and left feeling shortchanged.

The circumstances surrounding this change of plans are different for each individual but the advice is the same:

How you RESPOND to life's interruptions will determine whether or not it propels you into tomorrow with HOPE and FAITH, CONFIDENCE and PEACE
                               or becomes a road block hindering you from moving forward into all that TOMORROW holds for you.

It could be a full-scale attack of the enemy----with intent to steal, kill and DESTROY.
Or it could simply just be CHANGE----and our inability to COPE with all of the unexpected interruptions of life.  Or our unwillingness to adjust our OWN plans for an unexpected opportunity.

We had this well packaged idea about how things were going to go and EASILY feel inconvenienced, disappointed and frustrated that something beyond our control has messed with our perfect plan. These are minor inconveniences but we have a tendency to exaggerate their effect on our emotions, our thoughts and its significance on our lives.
From a GOD-perspective----does it matter such a great deal that things went a different direction than we initially planned for our day? 
Our ability to cope; to adjust and EMBRACE the change not only affects our attitude but our ability to see things from a Heavenly vantage point. The steps of a good man are ordered and marked with plans to prosper you and give you hope for a blessed future.
The inconveniences and interruptions are a small matter compared to what He has laid up for you.  Be at peace, take it with a grain of salt, and keep pressing on.

            See in *EVERY* moment a Greater purpose. He's ALWAYS at work.

It's easy to believe that for smaller matters but perhaps the change is a great deal more significant than life's minor interruptions.  

The loss of a loved one can be enough of a change to DERAIL us STOP ALL FORWARD motion and hold you in this moment LONGER than you expected.  It's the unexpected tragedies that can shake our faith to its CORE and we suddenly question everything we KNOW and BELIEVE.
Our entire world crumbles around us and we stand there gazing at the broken pieces and all we can say is, "What NOW?"  
This was NOT part of the plan!

To anyone who's had their life interrupted knows it can stir up all sorts of emotions.  Fear, doubt and anger are a few.  HOWEVER...the interrupted life can be one of EXPECTANT HOPE, and JOY.  Finding it to be a season of blessings. A season of learning.  A season of planting.  A season of being still and waiting.  A season where the evident presence of God is more real and tangible than its ever been. Regardless of what's going on around you life doesn't STOP.  God doesn't stop moving.  The Kingdom of Heaven advances.  
We don't stop running our race in the face of adverse circumstances. 
We keep running....with greater courage.

We reach forward.....Philippians 3:13
If we believe God is sovereign and moves with long as we are moving with HIM?  We CAN do so with expectant HOPE because He *KNOWS* the plans He has for us.  

.........and you can be's *ALL* good.

That may leave you with unanswered questions.
That is why He offers a peace that goes beyond ALL earthly understanding. Philippians 4:7  and in that stillness.....that PEACE we KNOW He is GOD....

Be *STILL* and KNOW.....I am God. Psalm 46:10

He knows things we don't know.
He can see what we cannot see.

He just asks us to TRUST Him.
Life's greatest tragedies and disappointments can become God's greatest opportunities and your greatest testimony. 
It's your RESPONSE to it all that can make all the difference in your EVER-changing WORLD.  

Of this you can be SURE when God is the one writing your story it NEVER ends with ASHES. 
The maker of heaven and earth is in the business of restoring the wreckage and all that's broken into something beautiful.  He won't abandon the work of His hands.
He will finish what He started.

....and He will never leave it as He found it. 


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