September 13, 2014

Petty Arguments and Toilet Paper

My husband and I had a conversation years ago that has still...even since his death...been playing over and over in my mind.
It was an argument ---- over a conviction HE had but I didn't necessarily agree with.
We tend to celebrate the dynamics of strife and contention between a husband and wife. We play it off.  Turn it into a comedy....thinking it's funny how we can argue about toilet paper and how we eat our meals, how we fold our socks or whether or not the toilet seat is down.
I know that the issues of contention can have deeper roots and the reasons for strife can be complicated at times.
Everyone's story is different.
But strife has the same root and the same purpose and the same outcome no matter where it's planted.
It comes from the enemy.
Designed to break covenant relationship....with intent to steal kill and destroy.
You may think you're only arguing about the direction of the toilet paper or whether or not the garbage got taken out after the 10th reminder.
For the smaller it REALLY about the garbage? or is there a greater force at work?
As for greater matters?
One particular conversation we had was over a television show. I wanted to watch Mad Men.
My husband had a very strong conviction that he did not want that in our home. It became a point of contention between us.
The short of it is this......
I may not have agreed with his convictions (though I do NOW).....but if your husband has a conviction and it's not against the Word of God....then *AS YOUR SPIRITUAL COVERING.....THE PRIEST AND LEADER OF YOUR HOME* would do well to place yourself underneath that covering and honor his convictions. There is a supernatural protection when we honor and respect our spouses. We BOTH win. There are no sides. There is no competition. But there IS an enemy.
And His number one goal is to break covenant relationship.
Strife is one of His greatest tactics.
Don't be fooled.
It was never about the toilet paper....    


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