October 6, 2014

When We Refuse to Let Go of God's Provision

She looked into the bottom her last jar.  
She looked at the Prophet.
She thought about her son.  She could go hungry....but her CHILD?
Surely he KNOWS.  Surely he SEES what I see.  

He couldn't possibly ask me to give away more than I have.  


She was FORCED to make a choice:
Choose to hold on to every last bit of oil faced with fear and uncertainty....or choose to let go and TRUST.
Choose to GIVE.

Nothing we have within our possession belongs to us.  Everything we find in our hands belongs to God. Yet we close our fists and hold on to it knowing that if we let go....if we open our hands....then we are letting go of the very thing that is sustaining us.  The very thing that is keeping us alive.  
When He has the freedom to work with what's in your hand He can turn a few loaves and a couple fish into enough to feed the multitude and the jar will never run dry.

What SHE didn't know was what GOD knew......

The only thing SHE knew was that if things stayed the same she and her son would surely die.  
What she didn't realize is that God would never ask something of you only to bring you to ruin.  You can TRUST Him with {this place} you find yourself in....because He's got the end in mind.
What she didn't know was that if she held on to that little bit of oil then it very well MAY have been her LAST meal.  But when she let go of the very thing that she put her trust in...He became a God of MORE than enough.

 It's hard to give of ourselves, our time, our money....when we feel we've nothing left to give. 
So we cling to it with every breath, afraid to give what little we have away.

You can trust in those things you have within your grasp or leave them to the One to use as He sees fit.  He's got more where that came from.  He's promised if we give with open hands and without hesitation that He would give it back with abundance.  Not always in the way we thing He should or He will....but He promised He would not only meet our needs but to take our offerings (as meager as they may be) and suddenly become the God of MORE THAN ENOUGH.   

Give, and you will receive. Your offering will return to you in full—pressed down, shaken together to make room for more, running over, and poured into your lap. The amount you give will determine the amount you get back. Luke 6:38
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