December 13, 2014

It was the Lord's GOOD Plan

It was the Lord's GOOD plan to crush Him.  Isaiah 53:10

This was HIS idea!?!?!?!?!?  From MY vantage point the suffering, the torment, the torture, the agony, the LONELINESS and ABANDONMENT He must have felt doesn't look like the hand of God.  Not the God *I* know.....
This is not how a GOOD plan is carried out.
I belong to the One who's VANTAGE point is GREATER than my own.  
In my limited knowledge.  My limited reasoning.  In the weakness of my flesh I am easily tempted to throw in the towel, give up the fight when things aren't going as planned.
As *I* planned them to go, anyway.  

Battleworn we feel that things couldn't possibly be working in OUR favor.  Not from the way things look NOW......  

It *LOOKS* like the devil won this round.
Everything was going according to plan. 
Beaten, bruised, hanging on that cross.
Satan took His life....and the HOPE of anyone who believed.
That's not how this was supposed to go.

The *GOOD* plan the Father had in mind wasn't the was the JOY set before Him.
The redemption of ALL MANKIND.
He had something in mind far GREATER than what we could perceive in that moment alone.

You can resign to what IS and QUIT.
You can throw in the towel and go home.
OR you can TRUST......

Gal. 4:4 But when the **fullness of time had come**, God sent forth his Son.....
It was His plan all along.
There were things that had to take place before Jesus could come.

........and things that had to take place before Jesus could rescue the world.

To Him? 
Things are going according to plan.
God is GOD......

He could SPEAK it....and cause things to be.
But there is an ORDER to things.
There is an unfolding.
There are things transpiring all leading up to ONE moment.
To US?
The order of events might not look favorable.
The timing is not what we would have preferred.
The methods not of our choosing.
But there is a season for EVERY purpose under heaven.
That season brings FORTH a PROMISE.
and He is FAITHFUL.
There may be things transpiring in Heavenly places that we cannot know of........
*WAIT for it*

As long as there is MORNING-----there is HOPE.

He didn't leave them without Hope. 
That there was a greater plan. A greater purpose. 
Nobody takes His life. HE GAVE it.
and in the *FULLNESS OF TIME*

it doesn't MATTER what it looks like.

How hopeless.

He has a GOOD plan....a HOPE and a FUTURE for you.

Stick around and wait for it.  The unfolding.  

Miracles have a way of riding in to save the day just as He planned. ♡

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