February 13, 2015

Waiting WITH God

Peace comes when we realize that we're waiting WITH God.....not *FOR* Him. 

(let THAT one sink in ;)) 
So many of us anxiously wait, tapping our foot, Wondering why God isn't acting. Why He seems to be silent. We entertain questions that sow seeds of doubt in our spirit. What we forget is that God IS moving, rearranging, waiting with PURPOSE---ON purpose. 
And then.....that one glorious moment......in the *FULLNESS OF TIME*.......after all of the things that NEED to take place have taken place.....He brings it all to completion. 

Oh, He could speak a word and cause it to BE.......but that's not how He works. 

Even Jesus His son *WAITED*.......waited to come to earth as a babe....and waited 33 years before He could announce, "IT IS FINISHED,"
The greatest miracle of all time, a work that took thousands of years in the making..........

What we often fail to recognize is that GOD IS *LONGING* too.
He is longing to be gracious to you.  
HE TOO is WAITING....Isaiah 30:18

Waiting *WITH* God.
In absolute TRUST.
His ways are beyond ours. His thoughts grander than ours.
We could not possibly fashion things in such a DIVINE and perfect way.
Why? Because He sees things we can't see. He knows things we may never know.
Just relax. smile emoticon He's got plans.
BIG ONES. It will be worth the wait. He's true to His word 100% of the time.

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