March 7, 2015

Being Faithful in the Midst of Grief

Perhaps God's greatest blessings come not while we are pining away for them but through our obedience and faithfulness in the ordinary.

I'm sure it was hard for Ruth to keep moving after such devastating loss. 
Stripped of everything. Her home. Her husband. Everything she knew. Everything familiar. 

She didn't spend her time waiting on God to recover all that she'd lost. Or waste away her days lamenting those things 
which happened to her

We don't know the things she kept in her heart....the grief she bore in the silence.
But we do know how she spent her time.

Being faithful in the mundane.

In her faithfulness God sustained her. He sent Boaz.

Blessings come not in the waiting but in our obedience to Him in this place we find ouselves. 
One divine step at a time He restored all things to her and brought her into every good thing He had planned for her. 
Concern yourself with HIS will for THIS moment and He'll take care of the rest.
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