March 12, 2015


He is the Alpha and Omega. 
The beginning and the end. 

That means that wherever He found you..... 
whatever the mess He found you in .....
He has no intention of leaving you there! 

Only God can take what was meant to destroy you and make you an overcomer that you could even rise from the ashes and lay hold of all that Christ has already laid hold of for you.

There is a joy set before you and you're not meant to stay in the ashes. 
His story for you does not end here. 
He is the God of all that is behind you... 

And the God of all that is ahead of you. 
He is the Great I AM! The God of right here and right now. 
He is the God of the hope and the future planned for you long ago! 

I raised you up for this that I may display My power in you.
and that My name may be proclaimed in all the earth. - Romans 9:17

He went through great lengths to bring you to THIS PLACE IN TIME!
What are YOU gonna do with it!? 

Wherever you are today... This is not the end of your story.
Finish with Him and your end will be greater than your beginning!
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