May 14, 2015

Do you WANT to be well?

     When I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arhtritis I was forced to make a choice.
Was I going to do whatever it took to get well?  
Did I even WANT to be well?
The obvious answer is "YES!"  a thousand times over.....

The not so obvious question that I was tempted to evade answering .... "Could I give up eating certain foods?  Could I adapt to a new way of living and eating?"
Yes!  I want to be well!!  

To be honest....all that brought me to this point was poor decisions, and half-hearted broken promises made to eat right, exercise and take care of this body God has given me.  STRESS.  I took a beating and my body took the brunt of it.  

I think we all agree that we would answer that question the same way. 
Still-why is it we do those very things we KNOW will be the end of us....or at the very least will leave us in a place worse off than before?  We continue to make self-sabotaging decisions. Somehow we KNOW it in the back of our minds, in our heart of hearts
.....THIS is NOT beneficial for me.  
And yet....our flesh wants it enough.  We THINK we need it.  We justify it.  We pretend we haven't heard that still small voice that says, "No thank you. I'm holding out for more." 

This THING in front of us is tempting enough.
This sin.  This desire.  This temptation.
It appeals to our flesh just enough to get us to doubt, question our conviction, second guess our motives.

One of my dearest friends often asks me  "Where do you want to be 2 months from now?  2 years from now?"
The underlying question that has to follow....are you WILLING to do what ever it takes to get well?  Are you willing to lay THIS down now----to be free tomorrow?

We ask God to set us free from strongholds when we're the ones left holding the flag.
It's time to decide.  It's YOUR move.  

Whatever your stronghold may be....
Whatever state you find yourself in today....
Where do you want to be tomorrow?
2 months from now?

2 years from now?
Somehow we let it creep into our spirit that Jesus is holding out on us.
That what we have in this moment is WORTH the trade off.
Pushing aside the TRUTH that what we've exchanged it for was FAR greater.
and we MISS out on the GREATER.
It's not easy.
Denying the flesh.
Saying *NO thank you.* to THIS.
It means WAITING.
and oh PAINFUL it is to wait.
There are too many unknowns.
It leaves you vulnerable to the "WHAT if's".
What if I don't get well?  What if I let go of this bitterness and unforgiveness and nothing changes?  What if I let go of this sin and I find that I am broken and alone?  What IF.......He doesn't come through for me?

They who sow in tears----- (willing to let go of THIS in exchange for THAT)
 shall reap in joy and singing.
He who goes forth bearing seed and weeping [at needing his precious supply of grain for sowing] shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him.  Psalm 126:5-6

Laughter from tears.
Dancing from mourning.
Wholeness from broken places.
Blessings from lack.  
Joy from despair.
Health from sickness.

What we are willing to let go of makes room for God to give us the GREATER. 


So often we're waiting on God to do something miraculous when the whole time He's waiting on us.  Waiting on us to figure it out.
Waiting on us to let something go.
Waiting on us to LET HIM WORK.
We want Him to work but there are things we JUST AREN'T WILLING TO RELINQUISH TO HIS CONTROL.

Only you know what they are.
But if you really want to be FREE.
Free from THIS.
Free from regret.  Free from the past.  Free from heartache.  Free from the ashes.
He's a GOOD God, friends.

And everything He has for you is GOOD.

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