May 9, 2015

Gardening is Dirty Work

My husband was enthusiastic about gardening.  (That might be an understatement.)  He drew diagrams, he did research, he would lay out his gardening catalogs and plan out the seasons (what would grow best in which season and when to plant it), he spent DAYS preparing the ground, and then days planting the seeds and the days after tending to what he'd planted.  Watering, weeding, and guarding against unwelcome guests.  
It took TIME.  It took EFFORT.  It took ENERGY.  It took DILIGENCE.  Some seasons 

brought disappointment.  The weather didn't always cooperate.....but he planned, he planted, he watered and labored just the same.  EXPECTING.  

Approaching Mother's Day I thought about my husband's garden and all the work that's required to produce something of value and I thought about being a mama and all of the time and effort that goes into raising children.  

It takes time.  It takes effort.  It takes ENERGY and diligence. Time spent in earnest prayer.  Time spent planting the seeds. Some seasons bring disappointment. But it is our job to prepare, plan, have a vision, tend to, weed out the bad, and protect the seeds we've sown against the unwelcome danger and unexpected circumstances that would threaten their existence and ability to THRIVE and FLOURISH. 

Sweet mamas, your children have a purpose and a destiny outside of your watchful eye and keeping care. Jesus had dibs on them before you ever laid eyes on them. Every moment counts. We should be teaching our children not to just be survivors....but raising them to be GAME CHANGERS! One day we WILL see them walking in Truth in some of the most difficult seasons of their precious lives ......and we will find no greater JOY than that! The time we invest NOW will pay back GREAT dividends one day.

While we may live 90 years on planet earth....we only have our children under our wings and under our constant care and watchful eye for 18. (Some more.....some less).... It is at times an incredibly unglorious, thankless job. Don't spoil today by grieving what has passed or longing for the next milestone. Be with them TODAY. In all of its chaos and noise and messes. Welcome all of it. Be fully present. Be aware. Listen. No matter how insignificant it may seem to YOU. they take notice when you're attentive to their every word. Don't spoil today by living in yesterday or longing for what's to come. Be here. Today. Because in all of its mess you'll find teachable moments and opportunities you will never get back. All the little moments count. The kingdom of heaven embedded in their hearts takes place as we are doing life together. In the small stuff.......
In the seeds sown every day.

There is no sphere of influence MORE significant than the 

one within your own walls with your own people.

Just like a Mother Goose....guarding them with a watchful eye, and does as much as she can to protect them from harm.  It's what she does.  For as long as those babies need her....she's on duty.
You don't have to remind Mother Goose to protect what's hers.
She does it naturally. 

But it requires being ALERT, present, AWARE.  It requires HARD WORK.  It can be a thankless messy job sometimes.
But one day----those seeds sown and tended to will reap a HARVEST of righteousness as they become the young men and women they were created to be.

May I always be fully present, fully aware, fully available to these precious children God has gifted my life and entrusted me with. May I redeem the time I have with them and be grateful for the Grace of God that has met me where my limited lack of knowledge, faith and flesh have failed me. Wanting to spend them in laughter and gratitude, growing together in wisdom and not waste a moment that I have. I am forever grateful for the gifts that I have been given. I am blessed. 

Psalm 90:12 Teach us to realize the brevity of life, so that we may grow in wisdom. Making *TODAY* count. It's what we have been given.......and I for one am grateful for whatever it holds.

Your greatest contribution to the kingdom of God 
may not be something you DO

 but someone you RAISE. Andy Stanley
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