August 17, 2015

Comparison is a {THIEF}

I thought by now we would have settled into our new home.
But here I sit......staring out the window from my bedroom into my backyard thinking about the 16 years I have been here.  My children have grown up here.  So many seasons we've weathered inside these walls.  So many stages of life we've lived together.  I can still see them as toddlers running through the grass.  My husband working to build his garden.  My children jumping on the trampoline.  Neighbors and friends playing on the swingset.

There was a time when I wanted MORE.
A time when I would look "over the fence" and suddenly what I was once content with was no longer enough.

Comparison is a {THIEF}.  Stealing from you and those around you. 
It is only when we look at what is in someone else hands ..... that's when it hits. A sudden discontentment we didn't feel before. In that moment what we were once GRATEFUL for is no longer enough. 

How many times have you browsed Instagram, Facebook and even Pinterest and unexpectedly and suddenly felt {DISCONTENT} & {RESTLESS}  
If not discontent and restless certainly in immediate need of some retail therapy.

And certainly our nearest temptation to comparison is those closest to us. 
Our friends.
Those we admire and look up to.
Those who seem to have it all together.

Hear this and hear it well.....someone else's success and blessings does not rob you of ANYthing!  One of the devil's most clever tactics is to distract us with competition.  His purpose?  To steal kill and destroy.  Taking our focus off of the blessings WE have.  Those things which God has called US to do.  Robbing us of joy, peace and purpose.  Keeping us from running OUR race with JOY and gratitude.

I have learned the secret of living in *EVERY* situation......
A grateful heart RESTS.
Satisfied. Content. & Full.  Philippians 4

Celebrate the accomplishments and blessings of those you are running WITH.  
And be grateful for the blessings you DO have.  The gifts you have within your grasp TODAY.
We buy into the lie that somehow God is WITHHOLDING from us.  
God is a GOOD God.  And God gives GOOD gifts.  To YOU.  The very BEST.  

When we are focused on what we have been GRACIOUSLY given....and we are GRATEFUL...we find peace. A contentment that cannot be bought or traded.
He's stored up blessings for YOU.
Grace for YOU.
and it is ENOUGH.....

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