December 12, 2015

Hope Doesn't Disappoint

HOPE doesn't disappoint.........

       but I sure do feel the heartache of GREAT disappointment sometimes.  My faith is such that I just EXPECT.....I expect God to show up and do what He does best.  Surprise me with His GOODNESS.  I will admit I have questioned His goodness. His methods.  His timing.  What it is He is up to.  I've EXPECTED things to turn out a certain way and when they don't?  Disappointment hurts all the more.  

HOPE doesn't why do I feel so disappointed?  Why does this hurt so much?  WHY didn't this turn out the way I EXPECTED?

It is in that moment I am gently reminded.

I only see in part.  
I only see a small fragment of the picture.  
But His GREATNESS.  In HIS GOODNESS......sees those things that I cannot see.
He sees the beginning.  He sees the end.  And He sees those moments in between.  
I expect based on my limited reasoning and my limited knowledge.


My friends.....never forget that GOD IS GOOD.  
If things don't turn out the way you expected.....He is STILL GOOD.
If things aren't going your way.  If everything and everyone seems to be against you......

This ONE thing is TRUE HE is very much FOR you.  You have GOD of the ANGEL ARMIES working on your behalf and if GOD be for you, who or WHAT could ever stand against you?

God is committed to YOU!

He's committed to your journey and committed to the process. 
He will never bring you to a place only to abandon you half way.
He will ALWAYS finish what He started.

He NEVER leaves a job half finished.

He WILL perfect all that concerns you.

We respond to pain and inconvenience as if it's an eternal matter.  As if "this moment in time" is all there is.  But how quickly we lose perspective and forget that these matters are inconsequential compared to the work He is DOING.  

When He delivered the Israelites from Egypt 
*He did it with the END in mind.*
He wasn't going to free them from slavery and then leave them fend for themselves in the wilderness to find their OWN way to their promised destiny. 

He *SUSTAINED* them in the wilderness. 
He *LED* them *through* the wilderness. 
It He went to so much effort to rescue then would He not deliver them and then see it through to COMPLETION?
And so it is with you!!!

He is always up to something.  He is ALPHA and OMEGA.  The beginning and the END and *ALL the moments in between*
If He went to so much effort to SAVE you. RESCUE you. REDEEM you.....would He not take as much care to PROTECT and DEFEND the investment He's made in YOU?

He paid a HIGH price for you my friend!!!
Signed, sealed and delivered.....
You are HIS. 
He will PERFECT all that concerns you. Bring you into EVERY good thing He's promised you and not for ONE moment in your journey will He forsake you. 

Stick with HIM....He's got the end in mind.

These disappointments don't deter His plans for you.  He is not hindered by circumstances.  He is not limited by time nor has He changed His mind about you or His thoughts towards you.  He has not changed His plans.  

He is STILL on course.  He is STILL working towards the GOOD things He has planned for you and HE WILL SEE them through to finish what He started.  

HOLD ON TO HOPE.  It will NEVER disappoint. 
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