December 1, 2015

When God Turns the Meager into Extraordinary

He who is faithful with the little he has.....

Every single morning you wake up you have within your possession the same things you had when you went to sleep.
But deep inside of us is this drive....
Wanting more. Wanting the meager to be abundant. Wanting the ordinary to be extraordinary.
It's only when we learn to be content with the ordinary and when we are faithful with the meager that we see God begin do extraordinary things with the offerings we pour out day to day.
The widow woman gave the last bit of oil she had.
As she continued to be obedient and faithful with the little she did have God continued to give her the supply she needed for herself with more to give.
Be faithful with what's in your possession TODAY.
Your home. Your children. The things you DO have. The friends in your life. Your job. The things on your agenda today.
Give without hesitation the things you DO have to give. Love extravagantly. Be faithful with the things God is calling you to today...
And as you pour your life out as an offering .. as meager as it may *SEEM*....God will turn your meager little offering into extraordinary things.
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