December 4, 2015

When Obedience Requires Faith

God {SIMPLY} requires obedience.

He doesn't have to explain the outcome and there's not always a promise things are going to go the way you expected them to.  He just asks for your obedience.

Here is the promise we have in Him.....

When we are in the center of God's perfect will and we are walking in obedience the responsibility of the outcome rests on HIS shoulders.   

Daniel had no idea that his obedience and loyalty to His God would take Him into the lion's den.

God may ALLOW us ---- for whatever reason only known to Him and the secret places of Heaven---- to go through the adversity.
He DID promise that He would never leave. He DID promise it would not consume us.  He DID promise He would deliver us.  Even from the mouth of a lion.  

Daniel obeyed.

The enemy ROARED!!!!!!! -----and planned to still the HAND of God.
.......but God had plans to SILENCE the enemy.  
We have nothing to fear when we are walking with the Father.
No matter what may come against us God is to working to bring ALL things together for our GOOD for the glory of HIS Kingdom.  He CAN be trusted.  And there is no safer place than in center of God's perfect will.
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