February 12, 2016

Miracles Happen in our Simple Offerings

God can display his power in fireworks and grandeur.
.......But sometimes He uses fish and bread.
If you are waiting for just the right moment, a sacrifice big enough,  a grand opportunity or a bigger stage .... the right words or a more influential and louder prayer!. .......know this......
Sometimes miracles happen in our most simple offerings.
The boy only had some fish and bread.
God didn't need anything more.
He didn't need a lofty and wordy prayer.
He didn't need a big platform.
He didn't need a person who had it all together. 
He didn't need a crusade....nor did He need to wait for a better sacrifice.
He took the smallest offering.
.....And HE did the unexpected.
Friends....some days that's you have to give.
A tiny offering.
Some days all you can muster is a bit of strength and a small amount of WANT-TO.
Some days you start with little. 
And SOME days just as the day's begun....you wish you could start OVER. 
Those days have as MUCH potential for miracles as the BEST of days.
Those days when your kids are golden and you have it all together.  The days when your offerings are GRAND and your strength is GREAT. 
At your weakest....your WORST days.....have potential for the GREATEST of miracles.
However INSIGNIFICANT to you....GO in the strength you HAVE.
GIVE the best you DO have in this moment.
An HONEST offering. A HUMBLE offering......
And allow God to make miracles out of the smallest things.
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