April 4, 2017

He's a GOOD Father

"How can such a GOOD God allow such heartache? So much grief?
"It's not FAIR"

How often I hear these words......
how EASY it would be for ME to ask such questions.  

My children are being raised without their father.  I am doing life without my husband.  

But here's the Truth in this war-torn, heart-broken world.
He IS Good.  He can't be anything BUT Good.  Everything He does.....everything He speaks.....every purpose and intention of His heart is ONLY good.  We were promised that in this world we WILL have heartache.  If you've lived any length of time in this sin ravaged world then you know.....you will hurt.....you will break.....and it will be hard.  

But have we FORGOTTEN??!  The same GOD that was in the MIDST Of the LION'S Den with Daniel is in the midst of your mess here and NOW!

The SAME God that walked THROUGH the fire with Shadrach,Meshach and Abednego is the same God that has never for one moment ABANDONED you to go it alone.  He has never withdrew Himself from your circumstances or your situation.  He is the MIDDLE of it.  

We are NOT exempt from the hard things.  But the God who SUSTAINED Elijah in the middle of a drought by calling the ravens to bring him food is the SAME God who will KEEP you and SUSTAIN you and BRING you *THROUGH*.

And what the enemy meant to use to harm you will become a part of your testimony of a FAITHFUL and GOOD God.  THIS season will either become a memorial of His miracles (because I can assure you...miracles DO await you)  or a memorial of your mess.  

So often we want to go AROUND our circumstances or skip the process altogether.  But we miss the MIRACLES that await us when we see it through to the other side.  We miss the GRACE that's in the middle of it all.  We miss the GLORY that's revealed in us, in our circumstances and the testimonies that become the TROPHIES of His Grace when we refuse to embrace the season that we're in.  

He IS Good.  Everything He does is GOOD.  Sometimes we have to go through the Lion's Den.  Through the fiery furnace.  THROUGH the storm.  Through the drought and famine.  THROUGH the wilderness.  But if we will CHOOSE to see it......
If we CHOOSE to embrace it......
We will see His hand.  
We will Him at work in the midst of it and we can call it GOOD because He is working ALL things together only for GOOD.  

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