August 11, 2017

The Morning Shines Brighter

Have you ever noticed how BRIGHT the sunshine is after the blackest night?  How welcome the blue skies are after the rain?  Everything feels new and instead of rehearsed and unthinking every breath is taken in so intentionally.  It's that calm after the storm.  The rainbow that paints the sky as the sun emerges after the rain.  
Joy comes in the morning.
We praise the day when the sun shines again.
We long for it.
We count the days.....waiting.

Can we find anything beautiful in the waiting?  Can we find redemption in the night?  Can we sing through crushed spirit and grief so heavy it steals our breath?  

These are those moments when I find the most beauty.  When the beauty that I DO find is such a miracle.  Such a saving grace.  When my song, be but a whispered prayer, is the sweetest.  Raw.  Unfiltered.  Pure emotion.  Crying out to God.  
And HE'S there.
These are the moments I find Him the CLOSEST.  When His presence is MOST evidence.
Not for ONE moment does He ever forsake us, or abandon us to grieve on our own.  No.  That would surely crush us.


He reaches through that black night and is all that we need in that moment.
That's the miracle.
When we don't know what to do.  When we don't have the words to say.  When we can't even catch our next breath.  He is what we need.

Joy comes in the morning.....but this too is where I have found joy.
Joy comes in my mourning.
In my sadness.

In my doubt.
In my sorrow and grief.
In my fears and weakness.
There is joy.  There is hope.
There is a PROMISE that morning will come yes.  But until it does, He sits and waits with us. Wiping our tears. Preserving us.  Sustaining us.  In the MOST unexpected place.  That's my miracle and my joy.  HE is my JOY.
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