April 7, 2014

Surrender the LAST stronghold. It's YOUR move.

You've given Him everything else except that ONE thing. Until you let it go you will never discover the freedom that comes from surrender. He wants empty hands and a surrendered heart. Whatever it is that you're holding on to.....let it go and live free.

We ask God to destroy strongholds and set us free when we are the ones left holding the flag.
It's YOUR move.
Until we surrender that last stronghold we will never be truly free. Only you know what that is. It's a question of Lordship. Either He's Lord of all of it or not Lord over any of it. Abraham was asked to pack it up and leave it all and he didn't hesitate. He knew God. He trusted Him. But what about Isaac? Could He trust Him even in this? How many of us would at the last minute snatch him up off the table and change our minds. And how many of us miss out on that greater thing God has for us when we refuse to surrender whatever it is that He's asking of us. Maybe its a dream or desire. Maybe its sin or unforgiveness. Whatever it is... you will never find the freedom you are looking for until you are willing to let go. Let HIM be Lord over that too. You can trust Him. He will exchange your surrendered heart for something far greater than what it is you've not been able to let go of......and with it peace and freedom that only comes from surrender.
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